In the shoes of… a Street Performer

Fincent Gunther, age 45 from Holland has been busking for 25-years, travelling around Europe playing his saxophone.

“I make enough to get by. I play in little reggae band from time to time and perform in pubs, and sometimes in Revolution De Cuba and the Green Room in Sheffield.”

“More and more people are busking, so it’s more competitive than what it used to be. But not really in Sheffield, only the bigger cities like London.”

Fincent Gunther playing saxophone in Sheffield, photograhed by Rakha Haq

There is no license to busk in smaller cities, but if you’re considering that path in London or Paris or any major cities then you will need a permit. Fincent said: “the fines can be a little sharp, so you’re better off paying if you want to perform.”

He goes on to say that Barcelona was the best city to play. He said: “the weather is beautiful and so are the people. But sometimes you had to audition before performing. So you have to be good at least.”

Fincent Gunther in Sheffield, photographed by Rakha Haq

Busking has both its highlights and falls. Fincent said his best memory is: “meeting a group of Russian’s in Amsterdam in 1992, they lived in a van with a piano, drum kit and bass playing old style jazz from the 30’s. I cooked them dinner and we played jazz all night, just amazing!”

“Sometimes people like to grab money from my case. But thankfully no major fights.”

You may see Fincent on the streets of Sheffield playing vibrant jazz, before he moves to France with his daughter and girlfriend for better weather and new city to play for.






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