In the shoes of … an Acupuncturist


Hina Patel, of Hallam Physiotherapy, has been an acupuncture practitioner for almost 20 years. She left her office job as an accountant after receiving the treatment herself years ago which peeked her interest.

The training took her three years and since then she has not stop pursuing and furthering her knowledge about Chinese medicine, leading her to become a researcher and a lecturer herself.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese clinical treatment of using fine needles to puncture certain areas of the body as therapeutic and preventative treatments.

People resort to acupuncture when they have chronic pain. Each session lasts around 20-40 minutes, and requiring from 1 to 12 needles or more, and can vary for up to ten treatments depending on your symptoms.

“Acupuncture is now mainly use to cure lower back pain. Many patients have came to me with such condition and all cases have proven positive to the treatment after just a few sessions.”

“Often people would be scared and hesitated to have someone stab you with multiple needles. But they would immediately ease up and relax after the first or two punctures. You can’t feel a thing.”


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