In the shoes of … a University Councilor

Safina, therapist at University Counselling Service of Univeristy of Sheffield, has been providing students with therapeutic helps over the course of 25 years.


There are many branches to psychology and use, but Safina chose therapy because it is the most effective way to help and connect with people. The young generation of the nation, who may not seem like it, are usually under a lot of stress, studying away from home or preparing for their future.


Her latest effort was organizing the Pet Therapy Event during April, 2016. This is the third year of it running.


Pet therapy came about as a byproduct trying to reach more students n widening participation. Not every student needs one-to-one therapy so it is a fun way for students to relieve their stress. Third year running, first university in England to sun this event


no opposition, canine concern registered Mouse, go to hospitals n elderly ppl home to introduce therapet

animals don’t judge they don’t discriminate


Guide Dog Association, benefit for the dogs to socialize in any situation, and for the students to relieve stress through petting


Dogs are socialized for a year to have their fun time, loved, £50,000 to train one dog.


Mindfulness every Thursday to help students reduce stress, and prevent their thoughts from spiraling


Petting a dog can produce the stress-reducing hormones, oxytoxine, make you feel good to release it.


Dogs could be trained to get medicine for passed out diabetic patients by smell. Most people would smile in the company of a pet, helpful and necessary for people who are socially anxious.


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