In the shoes of…a Travel Fanatic

Netanya Trimboli, from Washington DC, is an avid backpacker and has worked in the travel industry for 15 years.

She currently works for Hosteling International USA as their Communications and PR Manager and writes travel articles as a freelancer on the side.

Netanya has worked in the industry for 15 years.

“I am responsible for communicating what we’re all about to the public.  I make sure that they know we’re a non-profit organization that inspires a deeper understanding of people, places, and cultures,” explains Netanya.

Hosteling International USA has more than 50 hostels in the US. Netanya says that this is a great way for people to meet and build new friendships.


“Hostels are great! And I’m not just saying that because I work for HI USA.  I traveled the world staying in hostels. Sometimes the hostel can be the most memorable part about a destination because you meet people from all over the world. And it’s a much cheaper way to travel.”


Netanya’s first job in the travel industry was working in Sydney during her travels around Australia and New Zealand. For three months she worked as a telemarketer.

“It sounds awful but 90% of the staff was also backpackers on 3-month work visas, so it was a blast.  I met a ton of people who are still friends almost 15 years later.”

Returning to the US, Netanya went back to grad school to study for a Masters in Advertising. She decided that she wanted to use her skills to support the travel industry. She did some freelance work to build up her portfolio and eventually found her first full time job as a Marketing Manager for the American Hotel & Lodging Association. She has worked in the industry ever since.

Netanya says that the best thing about her job is the people that she works with.

Working with the media, bloggers and like-minded partners to raise awareness of HI USA, Netanya says that individuals and organisations she works with, really make a difference and enhance the travel experience that their customers have.

Travelling for a living must mean that Netanya gets to see some beautiful and interesting places.

The most amazing place she has seen, she says, is a French island called, Ile D’Hoedic. It is 2 kilometers wide off the west coast of France. “It is beautiful!”

And some not so beautiful and interesting places: “The worst place I traveled to has to be Panama, which was a shame, because it was my honeymoon! It was really run down, there was nowhere to explore and there were some dodgy deals going on in beach areas. My husband and I just did not see the allure” she adds.

It seems like Netanya is off exploring the world like most of us wish we could. So what are her words of wisdom?


“When travelling, try to plan your trip around hostels or hotels that plan activities during your stay.  The ones that have tours, meals, pub crawls, etc. make it so much easier to meet other people right away.”


Words by Jessica Peace




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