In the shoes of … a Therapist-dog Trainer

Louise Elbourne, mobility team support worker for guide dogs of Sheffield Branch, gave a closer look of how a guide dog is brought up.


Breed all our stocks, 6-8 weeks old to be sent to puppy walker to help them mature, attend puppy class, basic stuff, commands as you would to a pet dog. Living wt puppy walker


12-14 months enter training program, stay for 16 weeks, then go to different teams all over the UK.


Finally mobility teams, 3 dogs/instructors, advanced training for 10-12 weeks, the guide dog instructor. Match the dog with the people, matching process, looking through the list of people who need it. Training of 2 weeks for both parties, on class, 2 weeks off class at home to become qualified to be on their own.


Financial support – NGO, fundraising, volunteer, different products, collections, events


£50k from start to finish. 43 dogs to be qualified.


Labr, golden, labxgold, german, germanxshep, labradoodles


General public tend to have misconception about guide dogs and their owners, thinking they are mistreated.


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