In the shoes of … a sneaker-lover


Tony Truong, 19, current university student at London South Bank University, admitted to be a shoes-addict ever since he was in grade school.


His passion for shoes started during the golden age of Hip Hop in the 2000s. His first pair was the Nike Air Jordans III ‘Bred’. Since then his taste has changed massively, he said: “I still like trainers, but only the retro, original designs in the past, not the modern ones except for Kanye West’s Yeezys.”


“I only like luxury shoes brands currently such as Christian Louboutin, Balenciaga, Givenchy, …”

Part of his shoes collection in the UK only. (Photo: Alexei Nguyen)

However, after years of dedicating his money into what he calls the ‘shoes-game’, he’s considering to call it quit. Because the game has changed into a business platform, not a playground for sneaker-lovers anymore.

“I’ve once camped two days and two nights just to cope a pair of Yeezy Moonrock during its first release outside of Harvey Nichols.”

“Sneaker-lover is a person who does not identify himself as a sneakerhead, a more common term for shoes-addicts, because that term has long lost its meaning over the year, and become trivialized when many clueless newcomers called themselves such.”


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