In the shoes of… a Pageant Queen

Zania Linton, age 21 from London is the 4th runner up in Miss Globe, being awarded as Miss Trinidad UK.

She competed for the first time for Miss Globe, against forty-two other contestants. She said: “coming 4th was amazing, it was my first time competing in this. Especially since it’s so competitive.”

Zania at Miss Globe, image sourced by Zania Linton

There winner is awarded money and a crown. She said: “Those in the top five get a crown but the size changes depending on place. Including a sash with the country you represent.”

The modelling world is less glamorous than what it may seem. She said: “Yes, I go to photoshoots and get dolled up, but I’m up early most days working very long hours.”

“You need to stay fit and healthy at all times. The last thing you want is to get sick.”

Miss Globe, image sourced by Zania Linton

There are also perks of the business. Zania went on a work holiday to Albania. She was joined by a bunch of pageant girls from all over the world.

“It was really fun but tiring at times. I worked with different companies and recorded an advert. But I also had time to explore and do activities with the girls.”

She is also a freelance model, and has been sponsored by Notting Hill Carnival representing the floats.

Carnival shoot, image sourced by Zania Linton

“The costumes can be a little expensive and are usually £400. But I get sponsored to wear the garments.”

Zania continues to compete and is hopeful to become 1st in Miss Globe in the near future.



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