In the shoes of…a Milliner

Imogen, Siobhan and Amanda are three Sheffield based milliners, on a mission to create stunning hats and raise money for a charity close to their hearts.

Launching in spring 2014, they hoped to bring millinery to Sheffield in a unique and entertaining way.

“We know that hats aren’t for everyone, but it’s such a passion of ours we wanted everyone to experience how beautiful they are and how much fun you can have with them,” says Imogen.

The three milliners each have their own unique styles and come together to form The Hat Stand.

L-R: Amanda, Imogen and Siobhan.

“Each year we try to put on an event to showcase our work,” says Siobhan. “Last year we held a fashion show in the winter gardens. We had models strutting their stuff in our creations and the day was such a success.”

The trio not only showcase their designs to make a profit, but they also raise money for a charity that means a lot to them.

“About five years ago, my best friend found out that she had a brain tumour. Unfortunately she didn’t beat it and so, in memory of her, we now raise money for Brain Tumour Research,” says Amanda.

Early this year, The Hat Stand launched an event on ‘Wear a Hat Day’, with the aim of raising money for Brain Tumour Research.

Wear a Hat Day.


“Our hats can be quite intricate and flamboyant so we’re never overcome with customers, but we managed to raise around £500 over two days, which was more than we could have hoped for,” says Siobhan.

If you want to check out The Hat Stand and purchase a hat of your own, you can visit their Facebook page here.

Donate to Brain Tumour Research – click here.

Words by Ellise Leamy


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