In the shoes of…a Disney Character

Since she was a child, Emma has loved all things Disney. She never imagined that she would grow up to become a real Disney princess.

As a part time job whilst she studies, Emma transforms into Elsa from the movie Frozen to entertain everyone from children to the elderly for events and charity functions.

“I’ve always dreamed of being one of the Disney actors you see walking around Disneyland, and when I saw an advertisement online to become an Elsa impersonator, I knew that it was made for me,” she says.

The job involves Emma dressing as the character Elsa, she then impersonates the princess and poses for pictures with the public.

Emma as Elsa for a charity event.


As well as fulfilling her own dream, Emma also makes children’s dreams come true when she meets them.

“The most amazing part of my job is seeing the kids reactions when they see me,” she says. “I recently went to a children’s ward at the local hospital and it touched my heart to see their faces light up, even when they’re going through such an awful experience. It’s hard to hold back the tears.”

“I met a child who has suffered severe burns and as soon as he saw me, he latched onto my hand. He was full of so much spirit. I didn’t leave his bedside for the whole day.”

With just one more year of her studies left, Emma hopes that she can continue working events as Elsa in the future.

Disney’s Elsa from Frozen.


Emma says: “I always thought it would just be fun to prance around in a pretty dress, but brightening up someone’s day and seeing their joy, even for a few minutes, is something you can’t beat.”

Words by Ellise Leamy


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