In the shoes of… a Craft Beer Shop

David Turner, 41, started Turner’s Craft Beer around a year ago as he had always wanted to own a business in Sheffield.  His father was a fruit & veg wholesaler in the Peak District, this ensured he was instilled with a “great work ethic’’ from an early age.

‘’I already knew how to run a business from helping my dad and working for various other people throughout Sheffield and beyond. The biggest challenge within starting the shop was finalizing the actual concept and idea and ensuring it was right for the area I was in’’

David started the business on his own, so he has been working long hours for the past year to make sure he is meeting quotas.


‘’I’ve been working most days since we opened, no holiday. Only had one or two days off. My 18-month old son has kept me getting out of bed in the morning though!’’

The craft beer ideal has been getting increasingly popular over the past few years, a trend that started in America but quickly began to grow internationally. Turner’s stocks over 500 beers and offers the unique service of draught growler refills. This concept comes from the states but has spread around as it has become modernized.


‘’Craft beer has certainly gone a lot more mainstream in the past five years. I guess this is to do with the changing level of independence. The industry has definitely expanded though, sometimes it’s hard to keep up!’’

If you want to find out more about Turner’s, check out their website. Get down to the shop on Abbeydale Rd if you want to try some of their impressive selection!

Words by Matthew Potter.




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