In the shoes of…a Drag Queen

Mina Business is not your typical drag queen. She gives drag a cool and quirky twist.

The 34-year-old from Sheffield, embodies a theatrical and monstrous style when performing all over the UK.

From performing in her hometown, to some of the liveliest of cities from Brighton to London.

Dramatic clown, image sourced by Mina

She said: “The inspiration comes from all over the place from art, films and theatre. Mina is known for her avant-garde and monstrous make-up.”

Mina receives mix reactions from her look. She said: “There is one thing dressed as a woman but it’s another dressed as a monstrous woman.”

“I love being weird and freaking people out, it shows a different side to life.”

Her name has many meanings. She said: “Mina is a character from Dracula and this relates to my monstrous and gothic style.”

Monster bride, image sourced by Mina

On average it can take Mina over two hours to get ready for a performance. She said: “Obviously preparing yourself can take time, from shaving my face, wearing hip pads, corsetry and then the costume, not forgetting the face and wig.”

Mina is also a costume designer and make-up artist, but works in retail to afford her lavish lifestyle.

Glamorous style, image sourced by Mina

Her look can cost up to £250 for a performance, but most of her styles will be reused. She said: “Being a costume designer I know how to do things on a budget.”

She adds: “I am 6ft 4 guy with size 10 feet, lady’s shoes don’t come in that size unfortunately. So it can be little expensive, buying customise shoes.”

Mina hopes to move to London, expanding on her costume and make-up business. But of course performing at night!

Take a look at her different looks and styles



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