In the shoes of…a Tribute Artist

Twelve years ago, 21 year old musician Jack Daynes from Sandhurst, Berkshire, picked up his first set of drum sticks, marking the start of his passion for playing and writing music.

A self proclaimed indie acoustic artist, Jack has been playing drums since he was nine years old. “It’s the main instrument that has always been deep in my heart,” he says.

As well as the drums he has also self taught himself both guitar and piano, which he began playing five years ago.

“Learning to read music has been the best skill I could have learnt, it’s allowed me to pick up other instruments and be able to play them a lot easier than if I hadn’t learned to read music.”

Whilst completing his performance diploma at The Academy of Contemporary Music, Jack tried his hand at creating a successful solo career for himself.


“For a few years whilst I was studying I started playing gigs in different venues hoping to get my name out there, usually in pubs where I would sing and play the guitar.”

“Apart from building my confidence and having a great time, it didn’t seem to be leading anywhere,” he says.

“I had to make a decision on whether to give it all up and start applying for jobs or keep trying to achieve my dream.”

Feeling like a failure, Jack started auditioning for other people’s bands until eventually he found the perfect opportunity.

“I came across an ad online looking for a drummer for a tribute band. After getting in contact I found out that it was an Oasis tribute, ‘Oasish’. They’re one of my favourite bands and I’d already been playing their music years before so it was perfect.”

After his audition and a nerve-wracking wait, Jack finally got the call telling him that he was in the band and a year on he is now playing in venues all over the country, as well as one of the countries largest tribute band festivals, Glastonbudget.

On stage at Glastonbudget. Photo credit: Jack Daynes


“You would be surprised how many people love tribute bands, so many fans have told us that we’re just like the real thing,” says Jack. “You can’t beat the adrenaline rush you feel going on stage in front of a big crowd.”

If you want to listen to Jack’s tribute band yourself, visit their Facebook page here where you can also find dates for their future shows.

Words by Ellise Leamy.


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