In the shoes of… an Alpaca farmer

“By summer we’re hoping to become a small zoo”

Andrew Jonas, 33, from Leeds bought Quicksaw Farm and the Alpacas 18 months ago. Since the he has spent the time caring for 64 alpaca’s and transforming the farm into a zoo.

Andrew is a trained zoologist and was a lecturer at Sheffield University before quitting his job to work full time with animals.Best Photo Bomb Ever

Unlike a normal zoo with tigers and lions and sometimes bears, Quicksaw farm will be home to anteaters, tapirs, wild boars, pine martens and meerkats.

“I do like the alpacas but having the chance to show animals that people aren’t aware of is an amazing and fun opportunity.”

While building a zoo is a welcomed idea in the community, it has been a complicated task. Sheffield City Council is at a loss and have had to consult Blackpool Council before they can issue any permits such as the zoo and exotic animals permit.

By summertime Andrew hopes to have the zoo open and ready for children and adults to visit at an affordable price.

Currently, Andrew and his partner, Keeley Ellis, 33 a veterinary nurse, work endlessly to ensure the alpaca’s fur and feet are cut, they are fed and they are healthy.

“We like animals, we love looking after them and we love the alpacas. It’s hard work but we don’t regret our decision.”

They currently have 64 alpacas, eight ponies, two horses, three pigs, chickens and ten meerkats. They also rent a couple of their acres and stables to horse owners

Lauren King, 24, Sheffield who visited the farm said: “I like how, even though it’s an alpaca farm there’s other animals there too. They had a massive horse and I really liked him but then again I do love horses.”

The farm has a small café that sells freshly made sandwiches and cakes, this is also where you pay for the entrance into the farm and buy your feed.

From there, visitors follow the farm path where they see, horses, ponies, ducks, ferrets chickens and of course alpacas. There are four pens filled with alpacas and if you shake your feed they happily come running towards you.

The alpacas are friendly creatures who interact with people easily however as a member of the camel family they do have a tendency to spit. Despite the risk of being spat on the alpaca farm is a fun and entertaining place for children and adults to spend time petting and feeding the animals.

At just £3.50 for adult entry and £1.50 for children and feed costing 50p per bag, the alpaca farm is a cheap day out.

To visit the Alpaca Farm click here.


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