7 Disgusting Jobs that Actually Exist and Existed

In the past there have been some disgusting jobs and some of them still exist today.

Here are our top 7!

Leech CollectorLEECH TESTER

Up until the 19th century a high demand for leeches was needed for doctors to ‘cure’ diseases.

However this was a very low paid job, where the workers caught the leeches by having them suck on their legs.

Thank god for the advances in science!


Imagine having the task of milking a snake? Sounds medieval but sadly isn’t. This highly dangerous job is actually used to treat snakebites.

To do this a small dose of snake venom is used injected into the body to produce antibodies which combat the poison.

On average snake milkers earn £2,500 or £1710 per month. But snake venom is an expensive market with one gram of venom costing up to £2000.

At least most of the poisonous snakes live abroad, eh…

Pet Food TasterPET TASTER.jpg

It would seem that we test all products on animals except animal food. Yes, it turns out that companies like M&S pay people to eat dog food.

You take a small bit of the food and report on the taste, texture and consistency.

The salary for a pet food tester is between £20,000- £50,000. Bet those dog treats aren’t looking so bad after all?

Poison Taster


It’s a well known fact that the ancient Egyptians, Romans, UK monarchy and most emperors used to have poison testers.

They taste their master’s food and hope they don’t die.

The truth is they still exist with Putin and Obama being heard of travelling with food testers just in-case.

Vomit Collector

Vomit collector

Not everyone can keep their lunches down after riding a roller coaster and that’s ok because theme parks, such as Thorpe Park and Disney World, hire vomit collectors.

As you may have guessed a vomit collector is someone who, when needed, goes to a ride and collects any vomit from the surrounding area.

At minimum wage this job is seems a bit too smelly and disgusting to do, but every functioning theme park needs them.

Without vomit collectors rides would be forced to shut down every few hours to clean but with on hand vomit cleaners rides are cleaner than ever.  

Hats off to those who can stomach the challenge!


This is a job for the strong stomached people out there.

It’s the process of injecting a preservation fluid into the veins to keep a body preserved until the burial/cremation.

To become an embalmer you do need to train and learn the craft which can take up to two years.

Embalmers can earn up to £27,000.

Maggot FarmerMaggot Farmer

A maggot farmer is someone who provides bait for fishermen. It’s a complex job that starts with building the temperature of a room full of flies so they can hatch eggs on meat and fish that the farmers provide.

From there, the meat and fish is transferred to a production factory. Once the eggs hatch the maggots are fed fish, chicken and turkey until they are fully grown which is usually around five to seven days.

It’s a complex and hard working job to have and with employers earning between £20-35,000 but is it worth it?



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