In the shoes of… Stoneface

Andrew ‘Stoneface’ Vickers, 51, started Stoneface Creative around 25 years ago in the Rivelin Valley of Sheffield, where he is from.

Before this, he used to build dry stone walls, until he realised that they were faceless and void of personality: something he was determined to change.

“I never knew who built the walls around me so I thought I would start signing mine!”

Since then, having done a large amount of work all over Sheffield and beyond, he was able to acquire his own space to create a hub for his art – a private woodland workshop in Storrs Wood, near Stannington. Although, this was not an easy process, with him saying that the ‘biggest challenge throughout this process was surviving!’


“There’s always going to be dry periods within this line of work, you just have to use the time to create!”

However, his hard work has paid off and Andrew now lives a life free from the stress of having to answer to someone else.

“The biggest pay back is that very few people can tell you what to do! This is essential for my work as you have to give an artist time and space”

He has created pieces for a range of clientèle, from rock stars to politicians, as well as taking on personal and commercial commissions from all over the country.


Naked – one of his personal favourites.

“Everything that I make is unique. If I can meet a person I can try to capture their defining qualities and create something from that”

If you are interested in more of Andrew’s work or fancy owning some of it, then check out his website.

Words by Matthew Potter.


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