In the shoes of… a campaigner for the London Mayoral Elections

Suzanne Ellis, age 69, from London is an active Labour campaigner for the upcoming Mayoral Elections. The Labour supporter has helped spread the word of candidate Sadiq Khan in the South London area.

Suzanne Ellis, photographed by Rakha Haq

Suzanne and other campaigners go around the South West borough leafleting and door knocking. They encourage people to vote whilst raising awareness of Sadiq’s campaign, hoping for more Labour votes.

Suzanne in the middle with other campaigners leafleting in Tooting, image sourced by Suzanne Ellis

She said: “He grew up in a family of eight on a council estate. So he really knows about being poor and working hard.”

“He is quite a strict Muslim as he does not drink. But he took risks like voting in favour of gay marriage and got death threats from the Muslim community.”

Many of the issues addressed focused on the lack of housing in London and transport expenses. Suzanne said: “The Tories don’t want to build social housing. They don’t understand what it is like not being able to find a place to live. So many kids are living at home now.”

Labour campaigners and supporters join Sadiq in Tooting, Suzanne in the middle beside Sadiq, image sourced by Suzanne Ellis

Sadiq intends on introducing affordable housing making London a city for everyone. Suzanne said: “Sadiq is going to freeze transport fairs for 4 years and wants London to not just be a city of the minimum wage but the living wage.”





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