In the shoes of… a junior doctor protester

Trainee doctors and their supporters gathered at Barker’s Pool in Sheffield today to demonstrate in support of the junior doctors strike.

Pensioners support protest, photographed by Rakha Haq

Junior doctor Katie Wallace, age 31, from Sheffield, said: “The Government have imposed a contract that is going to put pressure on an already limited workforce, reducing pay and forcing us to work more and longer weekends.”

Katie Wallace, photographed by Rakha Haq

“We feel like people do not support us, do not value us.  Although we are going above and beyond the call of duty, what are we really achieving if our work is not valued?”

Many junior doctors have questioned whether they will stay on in the profession, or move elsewhere in the United Kingdom or overseas.  Katie said: “I have strongly considered leaving the profession with the amount of stress and impact it has on my family life. They do not deserve to be put through this kind of turmoil.”

Junior doctor and University of Sheffield student Sarah Peters, age 25, said: “I can’t see how the new contract can spread our staff over seven days.  It’s unrealistic. If it gets implemented, it will cause a lot of danger for patients and doctors down the line.”

Sarah Peters, photographed by Rakha Haq

“Already we are short-staffed, busier, staying later and being asked to cover extra shifts. It means we’re just going to be more tired.  I worry I will make more mistakes, because I won’t have the time or patience.”



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