In the shoes of… a Climate Campaigner

“The human race will eventually become extinct if we don’t stop destroying the Earth.”

Ben Westwood, 46, son of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has, for the last 18 years been petitioning the government and campaigning against global warming.

Global activist, Ben has been speaking out on Climate Revolution and promoting his mother’s clothing line, Save the Arctic.

Ben and Vivienne Westwood
Ben pictured with his mother, Vivienne Westwood

Save the Arctic has seen famous iconic people such as George Clooney, Kate Moss and Paloma Faith supporting the campaign.

Ben has also been supporting Intellectuals Unite. An idea that anyone can be an intellectual and if everyone put their minds together then global warming will end.

“Anyone can be a intellectual, it’s just people wanting to understand the world and change it.”

Ben, like his mother, tries to reduce his carbon footprint by rarely flying, and prefers to walking or cycle to places.


His Career

Alongside his campaigning Ben made a career as a professional fetish photographer. A form of photography which shows erotic poses and outfits in a tasteful manner.

Recently he began his own clothing line, despite saying he would would never go into fashion design. He claimed that fashion was his mother’s ‘thing’ and not his but he began designing clothes a few years back..

“I never thought I’d go into fashion. I just wanted to move on from photography. I think it’s in my blood. I guess it was inevitable.”

For more information on Ben’s campaigns go to Save the Arctic. Save_Arctic_mobile_OS+%281%29


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