In the shoes of… an Oxfam Manager

Catherine Hatch, 58 of Ecclesall Road, Sheffield has spent the last 22 years volunteering for Oxfam. Five years ago she was made the store manager.

According to Catherine, Oxfam on Ecclesall Road is situated in the heart of student accommodation, but right on the clasp of the middle class, affluent sector.

Bringing both traffic to the store and high quality donations allows the charity shop to employ Catherine as a full time, paid manager, earning 17,000 per year.12736961_961540993930344_996960401_o

For 22 years, Catherine has dedicated her time to running the store, training staff and sorting and pricing up donations.

She gets volunteers from 14-70+, from Duke of Edinburgh  volunteers to pensioners wanting to spend a few hours helping out.

Oxfam is renowned charity that receives a multitude of donations per week with some shop shops receiving up to 100 kilos of items.

“We’ve had some brilliant finds, our best one was an Alexander McQueen suit. We sold that for £350.”

Over the years Oxfam has had some pricey donations from Radley bags worth £80 to a 17th century Economic Treatise book which sold for £18,000 at auction.12675005_961540980597012_512649809_o

Oxfam determine their high valued prices by using specialised people to value items. They use historians to value 1st edition books and record collectors to value rare records.

For standard items like Primark, River Island or Next clothing Oxfam have a standardised book that assists with the pricing.

“It’s obvious that something from primark won’t be worth the same as something from Mark Jacobs. Our customers trust us they know we sell quality items at a fair price.”

While charities are donated high valued items, any clothes that are ripped, books damaged or jigsaws with missing pieces go to ‘Waste Saver’ a recycling plantation that ensures nothing is wasted.

To view Oxfam clothes online, click here.



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