7 Jobs you wanted as a kid

Most kids have an idea of what they want to be. A footballer, a doctor or a binman. It’s a crazy notion but as kids we dream big, we go with our heart and we’re adamant we’re going to succeed.

And we as a team once had a dream, here’s what we wanted to do as kids:
Katie Hetherington – A zookeeper in the monkey enclosure.JPP Katie

“Up until I was 14 this was still the plan. I held on to that dream strongly. As a lover of animals, it seemed the perfect job. To be honest if my career as a journalist doesn’t pan out, I’d go be a zookeeper.”


JPP MattMatthew Potter- Musician

“I’ve been obsessed with the guitar since I was little and I just really wanted to be a musician.”


JPP Alexi


Alexei Nguyen- Fashion Designer.

“I wanted to be a fashion designer because somehow fashion has always had an impact on my life. The fashion world is just so colourful and full of inspiration!”


Ellise Leamy- Hairdresser.

“When I was little I used to draw pictures of different hairstyles and get my Nan to choose one so I could do her hair. I just liked the idea of being a hairdresser.”


JPP Rakha

Rakha Haq- Street dancer.

“I wanted to be a street dancer and learn all of the moves. It just looked so cool in the movies.”


Jessica Peace- Writer.

“I wanted to be a writer because I read a lot as a kid. It seemed like the best job in the world! I used write stories all the time, in fact I still have them.”


JPP Damian

Damian Summers- Police Officer.

“I wanted to be a policeman, I used to watch The Bill with my Dad and think how cool it looked, and how much I wanted to do it when I was older!”


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