5 most dangerous industries in the UK

Quarterly statistics released from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for 2015/16 have revealed these to be the five most dangerous industries in the UK.

1. Agriculture

With the highest workplace injury rate per year and a total of 18 fatal injuries in six months, the agricultural industry is the most dangerous. Of 14,000 annual non-fatal injuries, 14% were from an animal.


Ranking in at second place is the construction industry, with 24 fatal injuries so far, and 65,000 non-fatal injuries annually, perhaps the builders deserve a cuppa or two.

3. Manufacturing

Of 70,000 non-fatal injuries annually, 25% of these are from lifting and handling. With 14 fatal injuries in six months already, it may be worth remembering “knees bent, back straight” when lifting.

4. Water supply, sewerage, and waste

It comes as no surprise that this industry carries over 14,000 cases of work-placed illness, and three fatal injuries already. So spare a thought next time you see your dustbin man.

5. Health and Social Care

186,000 cases of work-related illness are reported annually with 46% being related to stress, depression and anxiety. 86,000 non-fatal injuries are reported with 21% from physical assault. So maybe we should be cutting our doctors and nurses a bit more slack.

By Damian Summers


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