In the shoes of…a Hypnotherapist

Richard Hennessy is a hypnotherapist from Sheffield who treats people that want to lose weight, stop smoking or that want pain management so they can be suspended from meat hooks.

“I found a folder of hypnotic inductions in the bottom of a wardrobe and started to read it, I felt my head going swimmy and it genuinely scared me – so I threw it away and now it’s come back into my life.”

The barista turned hypnotherapist said that a big part of his job is to reassure, reeducate and give people the facts so that they can make an accurate and informed decision.

He said that many people look for something more natural when turning down medication.

“Hypnotherapy is definitely a natural solution, it’s just me talking and it can deliver amazing results – there’s a misconception that some people can’t be hypnotised, a hypnotic experience doesn’t have to be the stereotypical off with the fairies.”

Richard says that some people are really abusive to themselves.

70 percent of Richard’s work is for weight reduction but there are seasonal changes in business.

January and February are busy after the first two weeks of January when people are still using their will power for their new year’s resolutions.

Richard said: “Will power is an awful tool for a long-term solution.”

During the Winter, spider phobias increase, and as the Summer approaches there is an increase in the fear of flying.

Richard has treated a woman who was scared of the wind and a woman who wanted help with pain management so that she could suspend herself from meat hooks.

“If the trees in her garden bent more than a certain amount, she’d close the curtains and stay in her house, it was worse if the day became windy because she’d get trapped in places.”

Richard explained how hypnosis is a part of our everyday life, even McDonald’s use it…

Richard explains…

To see what else Richard offers or to download a hypnotic relaxation mp3, click here.


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