In the shoes of… an RSPCA animal manager

Tammy Wilson, 35, has been working with animals since she was 15 when she first volunteered for the RSPCA. She was born in Sheffield but lives in Rotherham.

Since she started, her and her team have re-homed thousands of cats & dogs at the Sheffield Animal Centre. The Centre is a self-funded, charity organisation taking on and caring for animals seized by the RSPCA.

”I’ve always wanted to do this job, it’s pretty much all I’ve ever done!”

There is currently space for 50 dogs and 45 cats at the branch, although they are expanding and hope to have space for 90 cats soon.

Many of the animals have suffered and are victims of cruelty, so have to be rehabilitated – they have a behaviourist on site to help with this. However, on occasion, this does not work out.

”Some of the animals are just too neglected, the emotional and physical scars are not fixable”.


Kylie – one of the many animals up for adoption from the centre. 

The branch has a re-homing rate of around 0.53%, meaning that more than half of the animals that come through the Centre will find a home.

In 2015, they took on 413 cats and 155 dogs – throughout the year, 370 cats and 90 of the dogs found a loving home.

‘’Animal adoption in this country is a lot better than it used to be 20 years ago but more could be done. I think if people realised how many animals are in welfare or have to be put down, then things would be different.’’


Bruce – who is in the process of going to his new home.

If you are interested in re-homing one of the animals, volunteering or supporting the branch. Take a look at their website.

Words by Matthew Potter.


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