In the shoes of … a University Councilor

Safina, therapist at University Counselling Service of Univeristy of Sheffield, has been providing students with therapeutic helps over the course of 25 years.   There are many branches to psychology and use, but Safina chose therapy because it is the most effective way to help and connect with people. The young generation of the nation,…

In the shoes of … a Therapist-dog Trainer

Louise Elbourne, mobility team support worker for guide dogs of Sheffield Branch, gave a closer look of how a guide dog is brought up.   Breed all our stocks, 6-8 weeks old to be sent to puppy walker to help them mature, attend puppy class, basic stuff, commands as you would to a pet dog….

In the shoes of … a sneaker-lover

“I’ve once camped two days and two nights just to cope a pair of Yeezy Moonrock during its first release outside of Harvey Nichols.”

In the shoes of … an Acupuncturist

Hina Patel, of Hallam Physiotherapy, has been an acupuncture practitioner for almost 20 years. She left her office job as an accountant after receiving the treatment herself years ago which peeked her interest. The training took her three years and since then she has not stop pursuing and furthering her knowledge about Chinese medicine, leading…

In the shoes of…a Milliner

“About five years ago, my best friend found out that she had a brain tumour. Unfortunately she didn’t beat it and so, in memory of her, we now raise money for Brain Tumour Research.”

In the shoes of…a Disney Character

“I met a child who has suffered severe burns and as soon as he saw me he latched onto my hand. He was full of so much spirit. I didn’t leave his bedside for the whole day.”